Edition 2021 

Back to our roots as we dance the future!

More so than ever, the Festival de Danse Cannes – Côte d’Azur France represents our will and desire to bring artists and spectators together. It is therefore full of hope that this abundant 2021 edition has selected 28 French and international companies to celebrate dance and rediscover the essential effervescence of choreographic diversity.

The Festival de Danse Cannes – Côte d’Azur France continues in its efforts to unite the cultural fabric of the Riviera with the support of structures in the area. Each of these are keen to invest in this event, conceived through mutual listening and fruitful exchanges: Anthéa (Antibes), Forum Jacques Prévert (Carros), Scène 55 (Mougins), Théâtre de Grasse, Théâtres en Dracénie (Draguignan), Théâtre La Licorne (Cannes), Théâtre National de Nice and, a new partner for 2021, the Théâtre intercommunal Le Forum (Fréjus).

This fourth edition is presented on the theme of the fourth element: earth, and is evidenced by the resilient, powerful and volcanic woman appearing on the festival poster. This dancer from the Martha Graham Dance Company sums up our editorial line in many ways, by dedicating pride of place to women – and particularly to those pioneers who have firmly contributed to the invention of modern and contemporary dance as they establish their body language.

The festival also hopes to bring together various aspects of dance in a global overview that embraces its history, from the advent of romantic ballet with La Sylphide, to the emergence of young choreographers, passing through key figures from the world of dance, with particular attention paid to the creative dynamism of companies in the region.

These intersections bring together the trailblazers of yesterday and today, with remarkable dancer-choreographers and creations by artists reflecting on the state and concerns of our modern world. These pieces will also be presented to young people, most notably through a travelling show taking place in schools in Cannes.

The partnership forged between the festival and the Pôle National Supérieur de Danse, directed by Paola Cantalupo, marks the 60th anniversary of the Ecole Supérieure de Danse Rosella Hightower this year, and will serve as an opportunity to pay tribute – through the presence of the Cannes Jeune Ballet – to this personality within the world of dance who has worked so hard to share the art of choreography in Cannes.


Beyond this programme of shows, the Festival continues to offer:

  • Meetings, exhibitions and conferences with artists and choreographers for the curious, amateurs, dancers and academics alike,
  • A thematic symposium with the participation of researchers and artists organised in partnership with the dance section of the Université Côte d’Azur,
  • Master classes for those who wish to further their practice during workshops led by choreographers or dancers from the programmed companies,
  • A cinematographic tour offered in partnership with Cannes Cinéma and Cinéma Les Arcades,
  • Awareness-raising actions in advance of the Festival with all audiences: schools, associations, works councils, dance schools, etc.
  • A traveling show specially adapted to engage Cannes schools and high schools and encourage encounters between students and artists.

I would like to thank the teams of the Palais des Festivals, our partners, the City of Cannes and, in particular, Mr David Lisnard, for his confidence and investment, without which the event’s current development could not have taken place.


Brigitte Lefèvre, artistic director