MOV’IN Cannes,
an international dance film competition

Visual © Grégoire Korganow - creation 2022 and the participation of the PNSD Rosella Hightower students

Cannes, the city where dance and cinema meet !

MOV’IN Cannes, an international dance film competition under the artistic direction of Didier Deschamps and Eric Oberdorff.

Take part in the competition and have a chance to be part of the pre-selection of films that will be screened during the Festival in front of an international jury of dance and film professionals.


Two ways to enter the competition :

  • via the international dance film festivals partners: Suzanne Dellal Center – Tel Aviv, Cinedance – Montreal, Inshadow Festival – Lisbon, Centre National de la Danse – Paris, Physical Cinema Festival – Reykjavik… Each partner will send its “favourite” film which will be included in the selection;

  • via the link below, open from 1 December 2022 to April 30th 2023.


Selection Criteria :

  • use dance and movement in the subject matter or as a narrative or abstract device, in a documentary or fiction film
  • the film should not exceed 10 minutes
  • open to all French or international productions and co-productions


The Prices :

GRAND PRIX = a one-week creative residency in Cannes, Bastide Rouge, a centre dedicated to the creative economy and image professions, within the Georges Méliès Campus.

MINISTRY OF CULTURE PRIZE = a creation grant of €5000 from the Ministry of Culture – General Directorate for Artistic Creation (DGCA) – Dance Delegation.

STUDENT PRIZE = invitation of the winner to conduct a master class in Cannes in 2024 with students of the audiovisual BTS and the Université Côte d’Azur.

PUBLIC PRIZE = screening of the film in a partner cinema.

All the winners will be broadcast on the platform.

The award ceremony will take place on Thursday 30th of November 2023 at the Cineum in Cannes.

Participate and join us!

Didier Deschamps
Eric Oberdorff

Teaser directed by Eric Oberdorff – Cie Humaine

Freely inspired by the visual created by Grégoire Korganow for Mov’in Cannes

Music credit Merakhaazan

With the kind complicity of the students of the PNSD Rosella Hightower

and the teams of the Palais des Festivals, Cannes and Scène 55, Mougins


Dance and Cinema have always been happily linked. In 1895, cinema was invented by the Lumière brothers. At the same time, Thomas Edison’s Studios in the USA produced the first colourised film in history with the famous Serpentine Dance by choreographer Loïe Fuller. A few months later in Paris, the Gaumont Studios and the director Alice Guy took up the same subject. The link with dance was thus created instantly. These two major arts of the 20th century would never leave each other, feeding each other’s writing, constantly innovating, renewing and reinventing themselves.

Dancing in the cinema, it is first of all the musicals that come to mind, the elegance of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the virtuosity of the Nicholas Brothers, the choreographed fights of West Side Story, the swaying of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and even the improbable and hilarious duet between Mowgli and Baloo in The Jungle Book. Scenes of joy, poetry, beauty, carried by bodies in movement, this universal body that allows each of us to recognize and to project ourselves. A body that is the receptacle of emotions but also the bearer of freedom, dreams, desire and resistance. Dance makes it possible to bring a different, shifted, strong glance on the world that surrounds us. We are reminded of Charlie Chaplin’s bun dance, the exhausted dancers in On achève bien les chevaux, the fierce will of the young performer in Billy Elliot or the fight for a free society in Ken Loach’s formidable Jimmy’s Hall.

To the whole planet, Cannes is the city of Cinema but it is also the city of Dance! It is therefore quite natural that the Cannes – Côte d’Azur Dance Festival has imagined a prestigious setting to connect them together by launching an international dance film competition. With MOV’IN CANNES, the City of Cannes brings together two of the major arts of contemporary creation and culture, both knowledgeable and popular.

Didier Deschamps & Eric Oberdorff

Artistic co-directors of Mov’in Cannes