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Staying in shape: making your body’s knowledge speak out

Coordinated by Sarah Andrieu, Alice Godfroy and Joëlle Vellet, University Cote d’Azur, CTEL, UFR LASH – Department of Arts – Dance Section of the UNS, MSHS Sud-Est.
In partnership with CN D Centre national de la danse et le Festival de Danse de Cannes – Côte d’Azur France, and with the support of aCD.

The knowledge of dancers when they perform beyond the body’s movement, is preferably passed on by word of mouth. Those concerned use fitness methods that seek to have the specific nature of this little-broadcast knowledge brought forth, orally. What relational techniques can be used to have the resources involved spoken about? What should be the fate of the infra-verbal equipment (eloquence of silence, posture, gestures) that accompanies the dancers’ words? Bringing together researchers and artists, this “colloquium-workshop” will question various fitness practices while bringing to light, directly through interviews, the performance and efficiency of the dialogical word.

Espace Miramar – 35 Rue Pasteur (Cannes)

Entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles

Thursday 5th december

from 13h30 to 18h30 | Espace Miramar (Cannes)

Friday 6th december

from 9h30 to 18h00 | Espace Miramar (Cannes)

Saturday 7th december

from 9h00 to 13h00 | Espace Miramar (Cannes)