Al fondo riela (Lo otro del Uno)

Creation 2020 – French Riviera Première

Choreography and dance : Rocío Molina
Guitares : Eduardo Trassierra et Yerai Cortés

The Madonna of contemporary flamenco is never where you expect her to be. In her latest creation, she invites two guitarists, Eduardo Trassierra and Yerai Cortés, to create a dialogue between the most classic style and a radical expressive power.

Rocío Molina is a prodigy. She is capable of the most astonishing technical feats, with her freedom and her creativity always transporting us to new territories. By promoting an encounter between the musicians Yerai Cortés and Eduardo Trassierra, the Andalusian artist makes flamenco sweat in a succession of echoes and reflections, playing on the relationship to the Other, with her signature freedom of inspiration.


November 30th

20:30 Timing 1h05
Anthéa - Salle Jacques Audiberti (Antibes)
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Shared evening

Tuesday, November 30th
19:00 – Eugénie Andrin Company
Breathe, Breathe !
20:30 – Rocía Molina
Al fondo riela (Lo otro del Uno)


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