A D-N Quatuor

Creation 2021
French Riviera Première

Choreography : Régine Chopinot
With : Prunelle Bry, Régine Chopinot, Phia Ménard, Nico Morcillo
Guitare et music : Nico Morcillo
Sound : Nicolas Barillot
Lights : Sallahdyn Khatir

Régine Chopinot delivers a new creation linked to the elements and rhythms of nature, while paying tribute to an extraordinary woman: Alexandra David-Neel.”

Dancing, calling out, walking backwards and playing the guitar to pay tribute to the life of Alexandra David-Neel, the first Westerner to enter Lhassa, the capital of Tibet, in 1924.
A D-N is a feu de joie – a kind of enchantment caused by dance and music. Two dancers, a circus artist and a musician, brought together to awaken the flow of our emotions.


December 1st

18:00 Timing 1.15
Théâtre Croisette - Hôtel JW Marriott (Cannes)
Tickets from 10€ to 18€
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For all audience
Discussion after the performance with the artistic team

“Transmission d’une œuvre chorégraphique” Seminar
Monday, November 29th and Tuesday, November 30th


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