Creation 2022

Performance for 8 dancers

Choreography: Wendy Cornu
Dancers: Julie Alamelle, Grégory Alliot, Zoé Bernabeu, Anthony Barreri, Lucie Gemon, Louis Nam Le Van Ho, Jeanne Stuart, Lorenzo Vanini
Music: Son Sine : Uncertainly, Antonio Vivaldi : Nisi Dominus (Psalm 126) R.608 par James Bowman, Franz Schubert : Auf dem Wasser zu singen, Op 72 par Barbara Bonney, Ibrahim Maalouf : Ritournelle III, Jean-Sébastien Bach : Sonata for viola da Gamba No 3 in G Minor BWV 1029: I.Vivace par Yo-Yo Ma / Chris Thile / Edgar Meyer, Jean-Sébastien Bach : Sonata for viola da Gamba No 3 in G Minor BWV 1029: III. Allegro par Yo-Yo Ma / Chris Thile / Edgar Meyer, Senking : Schacht, Julianna Barwick : Inspirit
Lighting design: Yvan Labasse
Sound: Antoine Perrin
Assistant choreographer: Max Fossati
Costumes design: Julia Didier

In intimate resonance with sound, the energy of bodies composes a score in which movement and music are one. An unprecedented sensory and choreographic exploration.

Watching music and listening to dance: such is the proposal of this audacious piece, selected at the Danse Élargie competition in 2020, organised in partnership with the Hermès Foundation by the Paris Théâtre de la Ville. Based around the core concept of composition, Wendy Cornu transforms the musical score into the primary medium of her choreography. Schubert and Bach, along with the trumpet of jazzman Ibrahim Maalouf, the electro sounds of Son.Sine or the hypnotic vocal loops of Julianna Barwick, become the matrix and structure of these eight dancers’ ‘Volutes’. In addition to musical proposals, the dancers are also given vocal directions which, according to a game of chance evoking the work of Merce Cunningham, they will choose whether or not to follow. Like a living painting or a work in progress, Volutes therefore offers a construction as complex as it is infinitely natural, in which bodies themselves become instruments. Each of these snapshots reconfigures the set along the way, unleashing a spiral of sensations and a wind of freedom to carry the audience away. In perfect equilibrium, this singular musical and chorographical object manages to marry synchronicity and listening, collective actions and individual escapes. Unusual and captivating.

Mouvimento Company – Wendy Cornu

Trained at the CNDC Angers (National Contemporary Dance Centre), Wendy Cornu danced for several companies between 2002 and 2012, including those of Emanuel Gat and Georges Appaix. In 2010, she debuted her first solo, 3Times, before going on to found the Mouvimento company with Julie Amelle, in which both would offer up four pieces, from Ellipses to Effacée(s). In 2017–2018, Wendy Cornu served as artist in residence at the Royaumont Foundation for the Prototype V course, initiating the process of reflection which would ultimately lead to Volutes during this residency.


Production: Mouvimento 2021-22

Coproducers: Les Hivernales – CDCN Avignon ; Danse Élargie (avec l’aide de la Fondation d’entreprise Hermès) – Paris ; CCN Caen en Normandie – Accueil studio 2021 ; Klap Maison pour la danse – Marseille ; CCN de Nantes ; CCN Ballet de Marseille – Accueil studio 2021 ; Pôle des Arts de la Scène – Friche la Belle de Mai ; DRAC PACA – Aide au projet ; Ville de Marseille ; Département des Bouches-du-Rhône ; Région Sud.

Support: Amphithéâtre de la Verrière – Aix-en-Provence, Marseille Objectif Danse – Friche Belle de Mai, Scène 44 n+n Corsino – Marseille, Fondation Royaumont – Asnières sur Oise, L’Etang des Aulnes, Saint-Martin-de-Crau.

Sunday, November 26th

15h - 45min
No numbered seats
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Tickets : 10€ - Young people under 26 years old : 5€
For all audience from 12 years old
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