Steps in the street

extrait de Chronicle (1936)

Performance with 10 dancers
Choreography and costume design : Martha Graham
Music : Wallingford Riegger                                                                                                                                                                                              Original lighting by Jean Rosenthal
Lighting for reconstruction by David Finley

Soloist interpreter : Leslie Andrea Williams                                                                                                                                                 

Interpreters : So Young An, Laurel Dalley Smith, Natasha M. Diamond Walker, Devin Loh, Marzia Memoli, Anne O’Donnell, Kate Reyes, Anne Souder, Xin Ying


Création 1933

Interpreter : Natasha M. Diamond-Walker

Choreography and costume design: Martha Graham
Solo re-imagined in 2017 by Virginie Mécène – Music: Ramon Humet

Original Music by Lehman Engel
Music reimagined by Ramon Humet
Lighting by Nick Hung


Creation 2021 – Performance with 9 dancers

Choreography : Andrea Miller – Music : Will Epstein
European Première

Luremiès : Burke Brown

Costumes : Oana Botez

Assistant Creative : Connor Speetjens
Interprètes : Laurel Dalley Smith,
Lloyd Knight, Jacob Larsen, Lloyd
Mayor, Marzia Memoli, Anne
O’Donnell, Lorenzo Pagano, Anne
Souder et Leslie Andrea Williams

Interpreters : Laurel Dalley Smith, Lloyd Knight, Jacob Larsen, Lloyd Mayor, Marzia Memoli, Anne O’Donnell, Lorenzo Pagano, Anne
Souder et Leslie Andrea Williams. 


Acts of light


Choreography: Martha Graham

Music: Carl Nielson – Performance with 16 dancers

Acts of Light: 

  1. Conversation of Lovers

Xin Ying and Lloyd Knight

  1. Lament

Anne O’Donnell

Alessio Crognale, Lloyd Knight, Jacob Larsen, Lloyd Mayor, Lorenzo Pagano, Richard Villaverde

III. Ritual to the Sun

So Young An, Alessio Crognale, Laurel Dalley Smith, Natasha M. Diamond Walker, Lloyd Knight, Jacob Larsen, Devin Loh, Lloyd Mayor, Marzia Memoli, Anne O’Donnell, Lorenzo Pagano, Kate Reyes, Anne Souder, Richard Villaverde, Leslie Andrea Williams, Xin Ying

This exciting programme from the Martha Graham Company shines a spotlight on the roots and branches of the technique invented by the high priestess of modern dance.

Martha Graham passed away 30 years ago. The Festival hopes to pay tribute to this American dancer, choreographer, teacher and true pioneer who revolutionised dance. Based on major pieces from her repertoire, the company takes care to commission works from those pushing back the boundaries of creation today, such as Andrea Miller. With Umbra, a reference to each sunset that may serve as a moment of relief, fear or wonder, the choreographer explores the structure, chaos and mystery that remains after this seemingly ordinary moment.


November 27th

20:30 Timing 1h30
(with intermission )
Grand Auditorium - Palais des Festivals (Cannes)
Tickets from 10€ to 42€
The best prices for 6 selected shows!
For all audience
Discussion after the performance with the artistic team

Short film screenin
A DANCER’S WORLD de Peter Glushanok avec Martha Graham
Saturday, November 27th 18:00

Discussion with Laura Cappelle 
Saturday, November 27th 18:30


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