Mont Ventoux

Creation 2023

Winner of the FEDORA – VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Prize for Dance 2023

Performance for 8 dancers

Artistic direction: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa
Choreography: Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa with the dancers

With: Benoît Couchot, Angela Dematte, Samuel Dilkes, Emilie Leriche, Helena Olmedo, Andrew Scott, Dovydas Strimaitis et Ana Van Tendeloo.
Dramaturgy: Agnes Lopez Rio 
Original music: Alejandro da Rocha
Set design: Amber Vandenhoeck with Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa
Costume design and creative direction: Luca Guarini in collaboration with Aitor Goikoetxea, Levi’s (denim) Rombaut (shoes)
Lighting design: Amber Vandenhoeck with Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa
Technical management: Meritxell Cabanas

It is through dance and, whether physical or mental, that we will achieve the transition to a better world. As proof, here we have a committed and innovative creation awarded the FEDORA – VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Prize for Dance 2023.

On 26 April 1336, Petrarch began his ascent of Mont Ventoux. From this allegorical experience, the Tuscan poet returned determined to renounce artificial pleasures, for the benefit of his spiritual life. For choreographers Mattia Russo and Antonio De Rosa, seven centuries later, this lesson has lost none of its acuity. In view of the current degradation of our environment and coexistence, the writer’s injunction to abandon old patterns of thought or conduct has even become a planetary emergency. To change the paradigm, rediscover the founding values of our civilisation, carry out philanthropic actions together and put humanity and nature back in the spotlight, the Kor’sia collective has decided to climb this mountain once again. Nine international performers, all under the age of 35, serve as the inspired actors in this symbolic journey.

Dance, along with scenography and its landscapes, both lunar and natural, are in perpetual movement. Between reality and fiction, lights draw a connected space, where anything becomes possible. Recreating Renaissance-inspired harmonies and electronic sounds, the sound space imagined by young composer Alejandro Da Rocha opens the door to a promising future.

Collectif Kor’sia

Based in Madrid, this collective was founded by Mattia Russo and Antonio De Rosa, in collaboration with Giuseppe Dagostino and Agnès López-Río.

Considering the arts – and more precisely the arts of movement – as the only representations capable of transmitting what underlies our societies, he creates artistic devices around the body, offering up a new route to the ways of being and being in the world.

Among their latest releases, GISELLE, IGRA (Jeux) and Velasquez take an original look at classical culture and its transmission.


Production Gabriel Blanco and Paola Villegas (Spectare)

Support: Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center (Espagne) ; Tanzplattform Rhein Main (Allemagne) ;Hessisches Staatsballet (Germany); Roma Europa Festival (Italie ) ; The Watermill Center (Etats-Unis); Tanz Bozen Bolzano Danza (Italie), Grec Festival – Barcelona Festival (Espagne); Tero Saarinen Company (Finlande); Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Madrid (Espagne); OperaEstate Festival Veneto (Italie).

French Premiere
French Premiere

Friday, December 1st

20h30 - 1h10
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