Planet [wanderer]

Creation 2021
French Riviera Première


Performance for 8 dancers
Choreography: Damien Jalet – Set design: Kohei Nawa                                  Scenography : Kohei Nawa   
Choreographic Assistant : Alexandra Hoàng Gilbert
Lights : Yukiko Yoshimoto                                                                                              Music : Tim Hecker


With fascinating pieces that will remain in our memory for a long time, Damien Jalet is one of the most unique choreographers of the present day.

Continuing on from Vessel , which created another world from the anatomy of the dancers, Planet [wanderer], like the second part of a diptych resulting from the collaboration of Damien Jalet and Kohei Nawa, engages itself in an intermediate territory, between science and mythology. Through the physical confrontation of the human body and various experimental materials, elements and gravity, the piece activates a visceral and tragic tale of love between humans and the planet to which they are linked.



December 11th

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