Alegorías (El limite y sus mapas)

Creation 2022

Original idea: Paula Comitre
Guest dancer and choreography contemporary dance: Lorena Nogal
Guitar: Juan Campallo
Percussion: Rafael Heredia
Singer: Tomas de Perrate
Direction: Tanya Beyeler
Music and direction: Jesús Torres
Lighting design: Bernat Jansá
Sound: Gaspar Leal

Transposed into movement, the philosophical opposition between the perceptible and the intelligible infuses, in symbiosis with a flamenco soul, an incandescent dialectic with two bodies.

“Is everything we see real? Or is our world nothing more than appearance?” As its tagline suggests, this duo, inspired by allegory, questions “the limit and its maps”. The choreographer Paula Comitre, rising star of flamenco, performs alongside Lorena Nogal, from the IT Dansa company and Marcos Mauro’s La Veronal collective. The contrast of these two personalities – the first luminous and fiery, the second endowed with sharp precision – and the power of their respective movements electrify a scenography under constant tension. Like the sheet that covers the two dancers’ bodies in the preamble, an authentic flamenco resonates herein, supported by the guitarist Juan Campallo, the singing of Tomas de Perrate and the effective drums of Rafael Heredia. The age-old codes of dance, from the cracking of the feet to the subtle inflections of the hands, come together in a passionate flow that carries these artists, united by the same generous passion, right through the final scene. Struck by this vital impulse, we travel in music and dance to the heart of Andalusia and other inspiring Latin, Greek or Cuban cultures. Exceeding our limits, to better draw our maps.

Paula Comitre

After studying at the Conservatory of Seville, this dancer and choreographer – born in 1994 – formed part of the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet until 2016. She then went on to perform for choreographers Rafaela Carrasco and David Coria, dancing in the plays Nacida Sombra, El Encuentro and Fandango! Awarded Best Newcomer 2020 at the Festivals of Jerez and Seville for her first piece, the solo Camara Abierta, she premièred Cuerpo Nombrados in 2021 at the Madrid flamenco festival, followed by Alegorias in 2022 at the Chaillot National Theatre in Paris.


Production: Arte y Movimiento produccionnes SL

Coproducer: Chaillot – Théâtre national de la danse

Pictures @Alain Scherer

South Region Premiere
South Region Premiere

Friday, December 1st

18h00 - 1h10
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