And Vocal Academy from Romand Switzerland


Creation 2020
French Première

Performance with 6 dancers and 4 singers

Choreography : Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo

Dancers and singers come together, leading us into a landscape in which exchanges and the blending of genres plays out before us.

Based on works by Pérotin, Aperghis or the Nordic vocal tradition, as well as a musical composition by Mathias Delplanque, the Compagnie Linga and the singers of the l’Académie Vocale de Suisse Romande transport us to a landscape of sound and movement in which the voice and body are heard and seen in their uniqueness.


December 3rd

20:30 Timing 1h
Scène 55 (Mougins)
Tickets from 10€ to 24€
The best prices for 6 selected shows!
For all audience
Discussion after the performance with the artistic team


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