French premiere - Created in 2014

Director : Fleur Darkin
Choreography : Damien Jalet 
Choreography's Assistant : Emilios Arapoglou
Assistant : Meytal Blanaru
Director of repetition : Naomi Murray
Music : Winter Family
Musical additions : Gabriele Miracle
Scenography : Jim Hodges
Light : Emma Jones
Costumes : Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Costumes's Assistant : Léa Capisano
Time : 55 min


Yama is the mysterious metaphor for a collective ascension, where the costumes by Jean-Paul Lespagnard reinvent pagan fertility rites.

It was at the invitation of the Scottish Dance Theatre that in 2014 Damien Jalet created the spectacle Yama, in a set by the American plastic artist Jim Hodges, on an original Winter Family composition. Yama (which means mountain in Japanese) draws its inspiration from archaic, pagan and animistic rituals. In particular, those who practiced Yamabushi, monks whose rites are perpetuated in the sacred mountains of Tohoku. For them, the mountain is the original matrix. Damien Jalet draws from this a visceral, energetic dance that harks back to the sources of a humanity that has still not broken away from the animal or plant world, but aspires to elevation.

The music rumbles, discovering in the ochres of an arid land, an eye, a dark mouth or a black hole leading to the bowels of the earth. There appears a bustle of legs, arms and chests that, in a hypnotic gesture, cause just as many mandibles, antennae and elytra to appear, plunging us into the mystery of the pupal stage of metamorphosis. The dance is organic, almost shamanic and takes us into the great cycle of transformations. Soon, this primitive, haunting, eruptive and enigmatic festival causes original chaos to surge forth, which finally returns to its initial obscurity.


Brigitte Lefèvre's word
Damien Jalet plunges us into a telluric world, a ritual celebration and leads the dance into a form of trance. Obsessive and heady, this piece admirably interpreted by the Scottish Dance Theatre is extremely impressive.

The Scottish Dance Theatre
The Scottish Dance Theatre is the national contemporary dance company. Under the direction of Fleur Darkin, it invites the most enthusiastic choreographers of the moment to come and create powerful works for this troupe of exceptional dancers.

Damien Jalet
Damien Jalet danced for the most prestigious companies before becoming a choreographer, alone or in the company of, amongst others, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan and Sasha Waltz. His career has been marked by several relationships with diverse artists such as musicians, producers, visual artists and even renowned philosophers.


1st serie : orchestra
Full : 20€ / Reduce-group : 17€ / Subscribed : 14€ / -26 years : 14€ / -10 years : 10€
2nd serie : balcony
Full : 14€ / Reduce-group : 12€ / Subscribed : 10€ / -26 years : 10€ / -10 years : 10€


WORKSHOPS - MEETINGS upstream, 20 and 21 november

Scottish Dance Theatre is the Scottish national company of contemporary dance, the directory of which feeds on collaborations with choreographers who explore new forms. Her artistic direction is assured since 2012 by the choreographer Flower Darkin.

Saturday 09 December 2017
Palais des Festivals - Théâtre Debussy
Damien Jalet