Orchestrated by Éric Oberdorff/Cie Humaine
Organised in partnership with the Cannes City Culture Directorate.
Time : 2h15 with intermission

Silke Z. / RESISTDANCE (Germany) 
« STILL(here) » 
Choreography :
Silke Z.
Performers : Lisa Kirsch et Angus Mclean Balbernie
Silke Z. / the RESISTANCE (Germany) is a member founder of Studiotrade.

Sandman (Netherlands)
« A Moment »
Choreographer and performer :
Sabine Molenaar
The Sabine Molenaar's work is presented by DansBrabant (Netherlands), associate member of Studiotrade.

Culture Comp (Iceland)
« Between Us » 
Choreographers and performers :
 Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon et Inga Maren Rúnarsdóttir
The Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon and Inga Maren Rúnarsdóttir's work is presented by Reykjavík Dance Atelier (Iceland), associate member of Studiotrade.

Oona Doherty (Ireland)
« Hope Hunt » 
Choreographer and performer :
Oona Doherty
Oona Doherty is a associate member of Legitimate Bodies Dance Company (Ireland), member founder of Studiotrade.


4 member companies of the European Studiotrade network deliver us their thoughts and views of society in the face of the upheavals of our time. A special time to meet the choreographers from the independent European stage and observe how they take on the universal question of the body. As many suggestions as there are visions, just like an anthology of our humanities.

The artists are privileged observers of the world and the upheavals of our time can clearly not leave them indifferent or fail to influence their thoughts. For the philosopher Michel Onfray, the body remains the ultimate refuge for the artist when chaos breaks out: “This body that despairs and that, falling into the abyss and hitting the bottom, experiments with its materiality, its truth, its consistency and subsequently believes in the possibility of a godless salvation.” (The pagan icons- 2003 / Published by: Galilée). It appears important to go and meet the choreographers of the independent European stage and observe how they take on the universal question of the body, giving us their views and, if not answers, at least some food for thought.

Taking a mirror to our society that idealises eternal youth, Silke Z. triggers a fun dialogue full of freshness and lightness between a young woman and a middle-aged man. Shutting her senses off from the demands of the world, Sabine Molenaar senses the retreat of her awareness resonate behind her closed eyelids, teetering on the edge of a black hole, a disturbing and ambiguous place symbolizing not just chaos but also a possible refuge. Progressively uniting their bodies, Ásgeir Helgi Magnússon and Inga Maren Rúnarsdóttir explore how release takes hold and how losing oneself leads little by little to an acute awareness of the other, until the skin is emphasized like never before, muscles, cells, in total fusion. Pursuing hope, Oona Doherty composes an explosive poem, overflowing with a rare and communicative energy, to the growth of physical theatre, social lampoon and dance, at the frontier of body and soul.

As many suggestions as there are visions, just like an anthology of our humanities.


Brigitte lefèvre's word
It is a pleasure for me to welcome back the Plateforme Studiotrade offered by Éric Oberdorff from the Compagnie Humaine and to support, through this carte blanche, those choreographs and the issues introduced by this european network.


The Studiotrade network
Mobility is today one of the main keys allowing significant advances both in the artistic field and in the search for new production and funding models. Considering artistic creation and culture as factors for economic and social innovation, Éric Oberdorff and the Compagnie Humaine have for 7 years been committed to an extraordinary circulation dynamic for artists and works in Europe. The Compagnie Humaine is the co-founder of Studiotrade, a European cooperation network started in 2010 in Düsseldorf within the framework of the Tanzmesse. The members of this network are the companies, premises and production structures that share residence time and programming. Their aim is to encourage the mutualisation of locations for research and creation and canvassing for new territories as alternative spheres of influence for choreographic artists in Europe. Since 2014, Studiotrade has been proposing, within the framework of European highlights, platforms combining choreographic and videodance performances that enhance the work of its member teams and its new development model. The Studiotrade network currently numbers twenty members in ten countries.


Founders members
Studio 11 (Cologne, Germany), Silke Z./resistdance (Cologne, Germany), Zodiak - Center for New Dance (Helsinki, Finland), Legitimate Bodies Dance Company (Wicklow, Ireland), Arts Printing House (Vilnius, Lithuania), Vo’arte (Lisbonne, Portugal), Stéla - DesArts//DesCinés (Saint-Étienne, France), Compagnie Humaine (Nice, France), Dance Digital (Chipping Ongar, Essex, Great Britain)

Associate membres
Dansverstaed (Reykjavik, Iceland), Dance City (Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain), Liisa Pentti +Co (Helsinki, Finland), DansBrabant (Tilburg, Netherlands), Kekäläinen & Company (Helsinki, Finland), La Gare Mondiale/Melkior Théâtre (Bergerac, France), T.R.A.S.H (Netherlands), Studio @ 3 Place du P (Forcalquier, France), danse en l’R/Le Hangar (La Réunion, France), 3:e Våningen (Göteborg, Sweden), TTW / Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt (Ludwigsburg, Germany)


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Sunday 10 December 2017
Auditorium des Arlucs - Cannes la Bocca