Evening Roland Petit

French premiere
Choreographies : Roland Petit
Taken by : Luigi Bonino
Performers : Étoiles, Premiers Danseurs, Solistes et Corps de Danse du Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Production : Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Musics on basis recorded by the Orchestra of the Teatro dell' Opera di Roma
Musical direction : David Garforth
Light : Jean-Michel Désiré
Time : 1h50 with intermission


Created in 1974
Music : Georges Bizet
Scenography : René Allio
Costumes : Christine Laurent

Vivette : Rebecca Bianchi, Étoile du Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
Frédéri : Alessio Rezza
Corps de Ballet : Simone Agrò, Giorgia Calenda, Giovanni Castelli, Annalisa Cianci, Andrea D’Ottavio, Giuseppe Depalo, Virginia Giovanetti, Marco Marangio, Marta Marigliani, Antonella Marocchio, Cristina Mirigliano, Flavia Morgante, Emanuele Mulé, Loick Pireaux, Giovanna Pisani, Massimiliano Rizzo.

La Rose malade
Created in 1973
With the cooperation of the Etoile of the National Opera of Paris Eleonora Abbagnato and Giacomo Castellana
Music : Gustav Mahler
Costumes : Yves Saint Laurent


Created in 1949
With the cooperation of the international Etoile Natalya Kusch
Music : Georges Bizet
Sets and costumes : Antoni Clavé

Carmen : Natalya Kusch,
Don José : Michele Satriano
Torero : Claudio Cocino
La Capo Bandita: Susanna Salvi
Il Capo bandito: Antonello Mastrangelo
Secondo Bandito: Giovanni Castelli
Corps de Ballet : Simone Agrò, Eugenia Brezzi, Giorgia Calenda, Giacomo Castellana, Annalisa Cianci, Giuseppe Depalo, Mike Derrua, Virginia Giovanetti, Sara Loro, Walter Maimone, Federica Maine, Marco Marangio, Antonella Marocchio, Marta Marigliani, Cristina Mirigliano, Emanuele Mulè, Loick Pireaux, Giovanna Pisani, Massimiliano Rizzo, Arianna Tiberi.


An exceptional evening with three mythical ballets by Roland Petit performed by the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma ballet, directed by the lead dancer Eleonora Abbagnato.

In love and in death, such are the fetish themes explored by Roland Petit, genius choreographer, when recounting stories that end badly. Carmen is assassinated by Don José, Frédéri throws himself out of the window in the Arlésienne, wilted petals fall, trembling, from the wilted body of the Sick Rose while the Adagietto by Mahler carries everything on a lyrical swell. Far from devoting himself to any sort of pathos, Roland Petit keeps a sharp and refined script that makes hearts pound with a bustle of legs and captivates the gaze with an arch. Although centred on the couples, the choreographer never ignores the Corps de ballet, an integral part of the intrigue. Eleonora Abbagnato, dance director of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Ballet knows Roland Petit from the tips of her toes. He is responsible for her first stage appearance at the age of 11, her entrance to the Opéra de Paris dance school and her appointment as the lead in the title role of Carmen. With Luigi Bonino, the faithful heir of the famous choreographer, she was able to recreate these ballets, part of the history of dance, with intelligence and rigour for the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Ballet. For the Cannes Dance Festival, this principle who combines elegance with a honed dramatic flair will interpret the Sick Rose.


Brigitte Lefèvre's word
I was always very attentive to the work of Eleonora Abbagnato. As a dancer and an Etoile at the Opéra de Paris of course, but also in her duties as the Dance Director. She leads the company with a formidable energy and will, and her repertoire choices are always extremely relevant.

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Ballet
Founded at the end of the 19th century, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma Ballet rapidly flourished internationally thanks to the successive directions of major figures from dance such as Aurell Miloss, Maya Plisetskaya, Pierre Lacotte, Elisabetta Terabust, Carla Fracci... and Eleonora Abbagnato, Étoile of the Opéra de Paris, who took on the direction of the prestigious troupe in April 2015, with the desire to enhance young Italian stars, renew the repertoire and broaden the frontiers of classical ballet.



1st serie : orchestra et 1st balcony
Full : 30€ / Reduce-group : 27€ / Subscribed : 24€ / -26 years : 24€ / -10 years : 10€
2nd serie : balcony
Full : 24€ / Reduce-group : 21€ / Subscribed : 18€ / -26 years : 12€ / -10 years : 10€



Production : Fondazione Teatro dell’Opera di Roma
Founding members : Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo, Regione Lazio, Roma Capitale

Sunday 10 December 2017
Palais des Festivals - Grand Auditorium
Evening Roland Petit