Thursday 09 April 2015

The Festival de Danse de Cannes is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with this 2015 edition. Opened in 1985, the Festival de Danse de Cannes has been a privileged witness to the developments in the choreographic art and over the years has become an essential artistic meeting for the city of Cannes, which has been able to embrace dance in all its varying aspects.

I must pay tribute to my predecessors, in particular to the extraordinary commitment of Rosella Hightower, who was able to combine her passion for dance so well with the city of Cannes in creating her higher education establishment there, then by presiding over the birth of this festival, which showcases the choreographic art as she loved it, i.e. in all its diversity.

Jean-Luc Barsotti, who was the first director, and especially Yorgos Loukos, who took over the direction for sixteen years, followed by Frédéric Flamand who succeeded him, continued this open approach in favour of dance, and it was completely spontaneously that I accepted the proposal made to me to handle this edition and the next in the spirit of its beginnings. That is to say in welcoming companies of different nationalities, the greatest choreographers from the most famous and new talents allowing for a connection with the masterpieces while trying the novelty of never before seen works, the discovery of which will be reserved for the public in Cannes.

I therefore hope to allow the public to take a poetic and aesthetic journey over lands shaded by modern dance in all its liveliness. This programme is a way of evoking the fluidity and strength of crossed paths, which travel the various parts of the world, and which meet here. Just as the sea spends some time on the rocks before leaving to expand our breathing space and enrich our dreams.

I thank all those who have offered me this great opportunity, and in particular David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, who has given me the chance to build these links in order to make life better.