The Falling Stardust

Amala dianor

The Falling Stardust

Creation 2019 – First in région – 9 performers

Choreography : Amala Dianor
Performers : Thomas Demay, Lucie Dubois, Baptiste Lenoir, Charlotte Louvel, Manuel Molino, Keyla Ramos, Yukie Spruijt, Jeanne Stuart, Elena Thomas
Concept : Clément Debras
Lighting : Xavier Lazarini
Music : Awir Léon
Generale direction : Nicolas Tallec
Assistant choreographer : Rindra Rasoaveloson

Amala Dianor mixes balletic leaps, hip-hop and modern dance in order to venture beyond the aesthetics of each of these disciplines.


“The governing principle of my creative work is mainly based on the method of redirecting a dance technique” explains the choreographer Amala Dianor.

This time, he is targeting classic dance. The Falling Stardust crosses the floor-based world of hip-hop and the aerial figures of the classic étoiles, the meeting of which produces this famous “stardust”. Ballet and hip-hop have always been viewed with respect, sharing the same taste for work and virtuosity, its inevitable figures and its coded language. However, what distinguishes them remains this relationship with the earth or sky, i.e. elevation or, conversely, the horizon for a movement. The Falling Stardust reunites seven female and two male dancers, four mixed dancers and five classic dancers from various different countries and just as many schools or conservatories and of course varying techniques, for an excellent routine in which each shines as brightly as a thousand stars. Together, they launch an assault on unknown galaxies in the choreographic universe, to define dance as a free art. His flexible and expert approach to movement reveals on stage a humanity that is inventing and constructing itself.


A message from Brigitte Lefèvre

I discovered Amala Dianor as a dancer, before appreciating his skill as a choreographer of astute expression. I am always gripped by his taste for research and his inspiration from the alchemy of various dance techniques that stems from his personal choreographical experience.


The choreographer

After a spell as a hip-hop dancer, in 2000 Amala Dianor trained at the Ecole Supérieure for Modern Dance at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine [National modern dance centre] in Angers (CNDC). He then worked as a performer for choreographers from very different worlds. Over the years, Amala developed his own style: he glides from one technique to another with virtuosity, but it is the meeting of these worlds that calls to him. He founded his own company in 2012 and The Falling Stardust is his eighth creation.

Legals mentions
Coproduction : Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, La Villette, POLE-SUD CDCN Strasbourg, CNDC d’Angers, CCN Nantes, Maison de la danse de Lyon, Festival Montpellier danse 19, Viadanse-CCNBFC de Belfort, scène conventionnée Scènes de pays dans les Mauges, Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne / Compagnie Käfig direction Mourad Merzouki dans le cadre de l’Accueil Studio, l’Espace 1789 de Saint-Ouen, scène conventionnée pour la danse, CCM de Limoges scène conventionnée danse, L’Onde théâtre centre d’art.
Avec le soutien de la Caisse des dépôts et consignations, la Région Pays de la Loire, la Ville d’Angers.

La compagnie Amala Dianor est conventionnée par la Drac Pays de la Loire, soutenue par la Ville d’Angers et la Région Pays de la Loire.


15 december 2019

15h • Duration : 1h00
Théâtre Croisette
from 10€ to 22€
From 10 years old