Cannes Jeune Ballet
Rosella Hightower
Direction Paola Cantalupo

Cannes Youth Ballet
Rosella Hightower

Directed by Paola Cantalupo

Creation by Arthur Perole

Commission and Coproduction Festival de Danse Cannes Côte d’Azur


"Idoles" - Creation by Emilie Lalande

Commission and Coproduction Festival de Danse Cannes Côte d’Azur


Creation by Felipe Portugal

Commission and Coproduction Festival de Danse Cannes Côte d’Azur
12 dancers


Reprise de répertoire d’Emanuel Gat

10 dancers

The Rosella Hightower Cannes Youth Ballet is one of the educational tools at the Pôle national supérieur for Dance Cannes – Mougins – Marseilles, which allows students to develop their stage experience, thanks to creations or reprisals by major choreographers.


Brigitte Lefèvre created a strong partnership between the Ecole Supérieure for Dance in Cannes, run by Paola Cantalupo, and the Cannes Youth Ballet, which brings together pupils from the last year of training at the Pôle Supérieur, i.e. young dancers at the start of their professional careers.  In this, they will have to adapt to the needs of companies and choreographers, they must know how to put their technical and artistic skills to the service of a work, a project or to bring existing repertoires back to life, in other words, and in both cases, to perform, in order to bring the spirit of the original creation (back) to life, by enriching it with a modern energy.

This is the passionate and rich path followed by the young dancers from the Pôle Supérieur National for Dance. In particular with different training routes on its sites at Cannes-Mougins and Marseilles, navigating thought diverse and specific choreographical worlds.

For this 2019 edition of the Festival, Paola Cantalupo and Brigitte Lefèvre want to demonstrate these twin aspects of the training for young dancers with creations entrusted to Emilie Lalande, Philippe Portugal, Arthur Perole and the reprisal of a piece by Emanuel Gat.


A message from Brigitte Lefevre

Of course, bringing Arthur Perole, Emilie Lalande, Felipe Portugal and Emanuel Gat together with the Cannes Youth Ballet is very exciting and stimulating. I would like to thank the Ecole Supérieure for Dance in Cannes for lending itself to this new adventure, which in this way continues to perpetuate the wishes of Rosella Hightower. I am therefore very happy to be able to present, through this show, the reality and the actual challenges of the performer’s work and I thank Paola Cantalupo for this partnership, which in my eyes is extremely important.


The Ecole Supérieure for Dance in Cannes

Created by Rosella Hightower, whose name it bears, the Ecole Supérieure for Dance in Cannes has welcomed and assisted the great names of Dance for 57 years. Today, it continues to train dancers who shine throughout the world.  Under the leadership of Paola Cantalupo, in 2017 the Ecole founded and integrated the Pôle National Supérieur for Dance Provence Cote d’Azur with two sites: Cannes-Mougins Rosella Hightower and Marseilles.


1 December 2019

15h • Duration : 1h20
(avec entracte)
Théâtre Croisette
from 10 € to 22€
For all
Meet with the artistic team after the show