bal.exe - Mechanical ball on chamber music

Created in 2014 -  Open to audiences aged 6 and over 

Choreography : Anne Nguyen

Chorégraphic performers : Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim, William Delahaye, Pascal Luce, Claire Moineau, Blondy Mota-Kisoka, Sacha Négrevergne, Jessica Noita, Rebecca Rheny
Musics : Johannes Brahms, Guillaume Connesson, Johan Halvorsen, Heinrich Biber
Musical performers (to be confirmed) : Juliette Adam (clarinette), Yaoré Talibart (violon), Clémence Mériaux (violon), Yona Zekri (alto) et Caroline Sypniewski (violoncelle)
Light : Ydir Acef
Video creation : Claudio Cavallari
With extracts of the movie Paroles, paroles by Ron Dyens (Sacrebelu Productions, 2002)
Choreographic assistant : Magali Duclos
Time : 1h


Anne Nguyen invents a new dance for a couple, the looping pop, that everyone can try after the show at a grand participatory ball.

The romantic and melancholic atmosphere of the best pages of Brahms or Biber but also a “disco-toccata” from Guillaume Connesson, shroud a robotic and quasi-computerised dance created by the hip-hop choreographer Anne Nguyen. On the set, eight champions in popping – this weird dance entirely of fits and starts – crackle like pop-corn (hence its name) or are seized by waacking, a style with hyper-articulated arm movements. All on an awesome train. But above all, Anne Nguyen invents in passing a dance for pairs: the looping pop. Never before seen in the hip-hop world, where the trend is rather to dance without touching. In this strange, retro and off-the-wall ball, as if they have emerged from an imagined past, dancers assume the role of the mechanical dolls that contributed to Coppélia or Petrouchka. But what characterises this ball 2.0 is the incredible virtuosity of the dancers, their perspicacity, their precision, who “pop” their spasms in moderation, in an electric and millimetric movement… before anything is damaged! Right to the end, this hybridisation of popular dance and hip-hop performance hits the bull’s eye and establishes itself as a wonderful treasure.


Brigitte Lefèvre's word
Anne Nguyen has been able to transpose a feminine world into hip-hop dance. She brings a very original vision of this discipline to life by destructuring it, propelling it into new areas. Her participatory ball for the general public will be the chance of a true party to close this 2017 festival.

Anne Nguyen
A dancer specialised in breakdance and familiar in the world of battles, Anne Nguyen founded the Compagnie par Terre in 2005. Scientific thought, as well as her practice of various martial arts, inspire her to design choreographic worlds that enhance hip-hop dance and its essence. Her routines, with a complex and precise structure, implement restriction systems allowing dancers to showcase their personalities and their styles, while allowing space for taking a risk.


1st serie : orchestra
Full : 24€ / Reduce-group : 21€ / Subscribed : 18€ / -26 years : 18€ / -10 years : 10€
2nd serie : balcony 
Full : 16€ / Reduce-group : 13€ / Subscribed : 10€ / -26 years : 10€ / -10 years : 10€


MASTER CLASS with Anne Nguyen , saturday 17 december at 10:30

La Compagnie par Terre reçoit l’aide pluriannuelle du Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication / DRAC Ile-de-France, le cofinancement de la Région Ile-de-France, l'aide au fonctionnement du Département du Val-de-Marne et le soutien du Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis.

Sunday 17 December 2017
Palais des Festivals - Théâtre Debussy
Anne Nguyen
bal.exe - Mechanical ball on chamber music